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Kent State, Western Michigan advance in postseason tournaments

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

In a late night thriller the Kent State Golden Flashes shocked St. Mary’s on the road to give the MAC a perfect 3-0 record in postseason tournament play. Kent scored the go ahead bucket late as they held off the Gaels, a team that many argued should have been playing in the NCAA Tournament.

In today’s action the Miami RedHawks season ended as they fell at Rhode Island 76-59 in the 2011 CBI Tournament. Meanwhile, in the College Insider Tournament, Western Michigan became the third MAC team to advance to the final 12 in the CIT when Western Michigan won 74-66 at home over Tennessee Tech.

In previous action the MAC started the postseason with two wins as Buffalo and Ohio both won CIT road games. Buffalo and WMU will play in CIT second round games while Ohio has earned a bye into the CIT quarterfinals.

MAC Tournament Final - #1 Kent State vs #3 Akron

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

We’ve had fun live blogging the games all week, so we’re gonna keep it going for the Championship Game. Hopefully people are enjoying reading this as much as we’re enjoying writing it.

Pregame - The one could probably go either way. Part of me says it’s the MAC, so Kent State is going to win and take the automatic bid, since they’d definitely garner an at large at this point if they lost. On the other hand Akron looked solid winning handily against Western Michigan last night while Kent had to scrap for 40 minutes to pull it out against Miami. It’s definitely a late arriving crowd at the Q. With 15 minutes till game time let’s hope people get in the arena and in their seats soon… I’m starting to back off my 15k prediction. Great seats for the AK rowdies tonight in the lower bowl off the corner of the court behind Akron’s bench. Kent students are still stuck in the 2nd level behind the hoop. Makes me wonder if Akron’s ticket office went to bat for the students and blocked off that section for them. If so, they deserve props… if not, I’d be complaining if I were a Kent student.

Rumor Alert - Word has it that Ohio University is about to accept a bid to play in the new CBI Tournament. Like I said, this is a rumor that I don’t have from a really great source or anything, but there’s definitely some buzz about this. In my opinion it’s a much more likely occurance if Akron wins tonight and the MAC sends two teams to the NCAA Tournament, meaning the NIT would be forced to select Western Michigan or Miami, opening up a possible slot for Ohio.

Judging by pregame intros I think the crowd is about 60/40 Kent, but it’s debatable.

14:19 - 11-8 Akron out to an early lead. The Zips are knocking down their 3’s. Linhart has 2 and Middleton has another. Fisher at the line trying to complete a 3 point play when we get back.

11:46 - Tied at 13. Mike Scott with a dunk. Will be interesting to see if he gets untracked. He was quiet against Miami last night.

10:00 - 15-14 Kent. Are they saying Boo or Q?… They’re saying Q.

7:29 - This has been a really exciting tournament so far with some really exciting games and tonight doesn’t look like it’ll be an exception with both teams tied at 19 as we go into the media timeout.

4:12 - Ball movement was the theme of the last 3 minutes as Kent State opens an 8 point lead. As Rashad Woods hits a 3 to go up 28-20 Akron takes a TO.

3:40 - Still 28-20. Akron missing bunnies and Kent is hitting the defensive glass on everything. Akron has gone cold, only shooting 37% compared to Kent’s 52%. The Zips need to sink some shots. They can’t afford to let this get into double digits before halftime.

Halftime - Kent leads 33-20. I’ll say this, at least if Kent wins and the MAC only gets one bid, it seems like the Flashes will look really good doing it. They’ve looked awfully impressive in the first half and it’s starting to make me wonder where they might get seeded in the NCAA Tournament. I’d rather see them get disrespected by the committee and placed as an 11 or 12 seed than coming in as an 8 or a 9 seed and needing to beat a top team in the 2nd round.

Kent shooting 52% from the field, Akron only shooting 29%. Kent winning the rebounding battle 20-13. Kent winning points in the paint 20-8. Kent getting 14 bench points to Akron’s 1. Akron only 3-9 at the FT line. Just a dominating performance by the Flashes in nearly every facet of the game here tonight.

17:59 - Chris Singletary makes a great shot as he’s fouled and converts the 3-point play. Wood has 3 fouls.

15:33 - More missed Akron free-throws, missed layup on the break by Middleton and Q and Scott play two-man which results in a dunk for Scott. 42-27 KSU lead. They just want it more tonight it seems.

Kent State’s dance team with quite an interesting performance. Weird outfits, kinda odd routine set to some strange music with a tribal beat. I think that performance just confused everyone more than anything. I don’t want to be negative, but wow.

11:59 - Did Akron finally catch a break? They hit 1 of 2 at the line, but Daryl Roberts grabs the rebound, sticks it back, and gets fouled. Akron down 12… Roberts with a FT coming when we come back.

11:43 - Rashad Woods, daggers! Kent back up 14.

8:13 - Linhart with a pretty move, gets it to go and Akron cuts it to 10 as Kent takes a timeout.

7:44 - Scott gets away with a player control foul, gets the hoop. Scott steal, Akron called for an intentional foul as he flies in for a dunk. Kent up 53-41 with shots and the ball coming.

7:25 - Scott hits both, Singletary knocks down a layup while getting fouled. Singletary hits the FT and Kent’s up 17. Linhart drills Singletary going for a rebound and the crowd starts to get a little animated.

6:53 - Akron has been terrible at the foul line tonight. 58-41 Kent.

5:03 - 62-45 Kent. They just look like the much better team out here tonight.

3:44 - 63-48 Kent the only question now is who makes the All-Tournament Team. I’ve got Tyler Dierkers and Joe Reitz even though both of their teams bowed out in the semis. I’m also saying Mike Scott, Q, and Al Fisher on Kent State. I realize this leaves me with no Akron players on my Tournament Team, but it seemed like Wood and Middleton both played themselves out of contention tonight. Middleton shot 1-6 from the field and Wood shot 5-14 at the FT line. I’m sure many others will feel compelled to pick an Akron player since their team was in the Championship Game, and that’s fine, but I’m happy to let them figure out which Zip gets the honor.

3:19 - You’ve gotta wonder how much Wood’s knee is bothering him. He played great on Thursday, but he hasn’t looked good Friday or Saturday. With a leg injury like that it could really explain his lack of explosiveness and some of his free throw troubles.

2:19 - Kent is just better. You can feel the excitement of the Flashes fans starting to build as we’re getting closer to seeing Kent put an end to this one. They’re up 70-53.

0:56 - Kent up 72-55. Is Al Fisher your Player of the Tournament? He’s been awesome in big moments, but hasn’t scored a ton of points or anything. Really anyone of Fisher, Scott, Q could get it.

Final - 74-55 final. I say Kent is poised to make a Sweet 16 run this season with the right NCAA draw. Should be an interesting selection Sunday for them seeding wise. They can’t get a much worse draw than Miami did last season when they had to travel all the way out west to play Oregon in their backyard.

MAC Basketball Tournament - #1 Kent State vs #5 Miami

Friday, March 14th, 2008

VanDelay Sports is sitting on press row for the MAC Basketball Tournament this week, and we’re running live diaries during the games. We’ll be updating this at most of the media time outs. Hopefully this will be somewhat entertaining and informative for those who care.

Posted this earlier, but seems pertinent before this game… ESPN is calling Kent State a lock for the NCAA Tournament. I’ve gotta agree they’ve got a great profile and they looked awesome against the Toledo Rockets last night.

Pregame - If this was Kent State versus Ohio I’d be calling for a 20 point blowout by the Golden Flashes, but against Miami… I don’t know. Teams typically don’t blowout the RedHawks due to their style of slowing it down, and it’s hard to count out a team on a mission like Miami as they’ve been dedicating their play in this tournament to Coach Coles who underwent a heart procedure earlier this week. Bramos especially has been fantastic in the first two games of this tournament, and Miami has been getting some great contributions from Tyler Dierkers who went off for an unexpected 11 points and 13 rebounds last night against the Bobcats. Miami needs a similar performance tonight as Quaintance and Scott are a handful for anyone to handle in the front-court.

Kent fans are out in droves tonight. If you’re a MAC fan do you root for Kent to lose to Miami tonight so the MAC can get two bids? I think you root for Kent to win so they definitely have an at-large in their grasps, but it’d be realllllly nice to see the MAC get 2 bids for the first time since 1999.

Wally World sighting. He’s sitting in the first row across the court from the Miami bench rooting on his alma mater.

15:12 - Defensive struggle early, tied at 4.

10:30 - Kent up 12-9. It’s Tyler Dierkers so far for Miami. He’s all over the boards and already has 5 points.

7:34 - 14-13 Kent lead. More Dierkers, he’s all over the boards with 8 of them already and he hits another stick back for 7 total points. Chris Singletary with a mean block on a layup attempt last segment too.

3:45 - 21-17 Kent leads. The Golden Flashes are knocking down a ton of crazy shots tonight. Spinning runners, open 3 after open 3. I won’t have shooting percentages until halftime, but I’ve got to imagine that the Flashes are shooting at a pretty good clip right now, it’ll be interesting to see what happens if they cool down.

1:38 - Miami ties it at 21. They’re just out working Kent right now.

Halftime - 25-23 Kent leads. Great half of basketball. Kent shooting 45% Miami shooting 42%. They’re getting their points in different ways. Kent is 3-7 on 3-pointers, Miami is 0-4. Miami leads points in the paint 22-12. Tyler Dierkers has been huge for the RedHawks with 11 points and 9 boards. The Kent State attack has been spread out. Nobody has more than 6 points or 3 rebounds for the Flashes. I’m waiting for Scott, Q, Fisher, Bramos, or Pollitz to really step up in the 2nd half. If somebody wants it this game is there for the taking. We’ve seen all 4 of those guys take over games in the past.

Couldn’t we have just made Western Michigan’s band stay here after the last game and let them provide the music for this one?

15:29 - 31-29, Pollitz is starting to heat up. He’ll be going to the line trying to finish off a 3-point play when we get back. If I’m Kent State I’m a little worried right now. This is what I would call a “Miami game”. Low scoring, slow paced, a lot of scratching and clawing for every loose ball on both ends. The Flashes would love to force a couple of turnovers and get out and run the break. A thunder dunk or two by Scott or Q would quickly start to turn this into a home crowd for Kent. Right now their fans are a little quiet.

11:54 - Back and forth, back and forth, Kent up 35-34. It looked like the Flashes had a chance to seperate there knocking down a 3, and forcing Miami into a bad look on offense, but a long rebound started a fast break for Miami and Kenny Hayes converted a layup. Coach Henderson going with a small lineup of Moosman, Hayes, Pollitz, Pollitz and Bramos.

9:21 - Bramos finally on the board with a tough runner and Miami goes up 38-35 as the Miami faithful erupt. Christian calls a timeout to talk things over.

7:52 - Kent goes on a little run capped off by a Mike Scott steal and an Al Fisher 3-point play. Eric Pollitz hits a tough 18 footer and we’re tied up at 40. The end of this one is gonna be fun.

6:01 - Kenny Hayes is fouled shooting a 3 but only hits 1-3 FTs. Pollitz muscles to the hoop hits the shot and gets fouled… He misses. 3 point Miami lead.

4:38 - Kent cannot convert on the contested fast break opportunities that they’re getting. Miami is having trouble converting in the halfcourt. It’s coming back to defense. 43-42 Miami lead.

4:03 - Crazy sequence with Miami and Kent players toppling over each other. Coach Henderson is very upset with the officials right now, I think for not calling a travel when the Kent player with the ball tripped over Miami players on the floor and fell to the ground with the ball. The play is currently under review. I have no idea why. Kent leads by 1.

3:44 - Tim Pollitz misses another FT (the front end of a 1 and 1) the missed free throws are really starting to hurt the RedHawks… still down 1 to Kent.

2:21 - Eric Pollitz shows his brother how it’s done. Hits both free throws. Ties it up.

0:33 - Singletary with a 4th effort stick back to go up 2. Kenny Hayes with ridiculous, great, circus layup that somehow falls to tie it back up. Someone’s getting their hearts ripped out tonight.

0:03 - MAC Player of the Year Al Fisher hits a leaning 18 footer to put Kent up 2 with only seconds left. Miami is going to need another miracle shot here like they got from Doug Penno in last year’s Championship Game.

Final - Miami throw two passes that get knocked out of bounds, getting them a little further down court each time. With 2 seconds left it inbounds to Tim Pollitz on the wing who gets all the way to the hoop but leaves his floater inches short. What a game! What an awful heartbreaking way to lose for Miami, but wow, this one was a classic.

MAC Basketball Tournament - #1 Kent State vs #8 Toledo

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

VanDelay Sports is sitting on press row for the MAC Basketball Tournament this week, so since it’s Thursday and most people are stuck in work we’ll be running live diaries during the games. We’ll be updating this at most of the media time outs. Hopefully this will be somewhat entertaining and informative for those who care.

Pregame - Toledo can’t shoot 1-17 from 3 again in this game (can they?), but I still don’t have a lot of faith in this being a very close game, even though the Rockets took it to Kent in Toledo this year. Kent State is a really good team and Jim Christian has shown that he can get his team to kick it into another gear at the Q. I expect Mike Scott and Haminn Quaintance to have their way with Toledo’s undersized front line and to get a bunch of high percentage shots. Toledo’s chances rely on their defense. Al Fisher can be turnover prone, so maybe there’s a chance that UT can turn up the heat and capitalize on turnovers.

15:54 - Quick start for both teams as they’ve traded a couple of 3’s and inside shots and are tied at 7. The Q is getting loud. Akron already advanced earlier. If Kent and Ohio advance tonight we could set an attendance record this weekend.

12:38 - Kent on an 11-2 run. Singletary gets a wide open layup and Joplin takes a TO. Kent up 18-9.

10:13 - Tyrone Kent knocks down a couple of 3’s, though the Golden Flashes answer one of them. KSU still leads 21-15.

7:18 - 25-19 Kent lead. Toledo certainly looks a lot better than they did against BG last night, plus they’ve been hitting some open shots, which helps. Mike Scott with 9 early points, though a lot of those have come from the perimeter, not on the inside like you’d think.

3:47 - Mike Scott is Superman. Anthony Byrd was positioned perfectly between Scott and the rim, but it didn’t matter as Scott lept over Byrd and threw one down, getting fouled in the process. You’re gonna see that play on Sportscenter’s Top 10 tonight. Kent State up 30-26.

3:05 - The refs can’t make up their mind if they want to call a player control or a block so they call a double foul instead. 3rd foul on Tyrone Kent. Not good for Toledo, 34-29 Kent’s lead… Offensive foul on Amos on the next UT possession. 3rd on Amos.

1:29 - Kent player takes a flop under the hoop and a completely awful offensive foul call on Toledo. 36-29 Kent leads.

Halftime - Superman Scott throws down an alleyoop on a fastbreak with about 30 seconds left and Toledo continues to self-destruct with offensive fouls. Then with 0.3 seconds left Jonathan Amos crazily contests a 3 pointer by Jordan Mincy, fouls him for his 4th, but Mincy goes on to miss all 3 free-throws. I’m not gonna say that the refs are jobbing Toledo here, but if I were Stan Joplin right now I would not be happy with the amount of foul calls–especially offensive foul calls–on Toledo in the first half. Kent leads at the half 39-29 and suddenly looks in control of this one. What’s even more troubling for Toledo is with all the foul trouble that they’re in, it’s going to be really hard for them to take chances going for steals in the second half.

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19:18 - Kent with 4 quick points, Toledo with a timeout. Interesting, a lot like the Central earlier Toledo looked like they came in a little warmed up from yesterday’s game and hit some early shots to make it a really tight game, but like with Akron, once Kent got a feel for the game around the 8 minute mark they started to pull away. Let’s see if the trend continues.

15:38 - Toledo cuts it to an 11-point game, and if I’m Joplin I’m considering bringing Amos back (with explicit directions about playing smart). This has been the Q and Scott show in the second half. Superman Scott already has 17 points.

13:49 - Kent leads 52-35, Scott with 20 points.

11:19 - Kent looks like they’re in control of this one up 57-39.

The smart guy award goes to Jim Christian in the second half of this one. He’s been letting Q, Scott, and Fisher sit for long stretches. Good idea with the prospect of playing 3 in 3 days and the possibility that whoever wins the Miami/OU game who Kent will be facing tomorrow could need to do it via a 40-minute slugfest.

8:44 - Tyrone Kent fouls out. Kent State up 21.

7:35 - Kent by 19. OK, I’m bored with this one and ready for OU/Miami now.

3:54 - 71-52 Kent. I’m done until this one’s a final.

Final - Kent wins 77-57. Superman Scott with 23 points in just 28 minutes of play. The Flashes looked really strong, and it’ll be interesting to see if the winner of Bobcats/RedHawks might give them a better game tomorrow. In my opinion win or lose tomorrow Kent State is a tournament team, no doubt about it.


MAC Regular Season Roundup

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

It’s the end of the MAC regular season, so it’s time for us to take a look around the conference and evaluate what we’ve seen and hand out some awards. Without further ado…

Defensive Player of the Year
Hands down, this award goes to Haminn Quaintance. The guy rebounds with the best of them and he averages 2 full blocks and nearly 2 full steals per game. Kent State has done a wonderful job of reloading over the past 10 years, but they’ll certainly miss Q next season.

Most Exciting Game of the Year
Dear Miami v Ohio,

Kent v Akron might be giving you a run for most heated rivalry in the MAC. Nothing was a better display than the most exciting game of the MAC regular season, which ironically doubled as the final game of the MAC regular season. With the high-octane ending to today’s game and the nearby location of both fan base’s to Cleveland a lot of people have to be rooting for another Kent vs Akron showdown in next week’s tournament.

MAC Freshman of the Year
Kind of a weak year for Freshman across the conference, but there was one player, Darion “Jake” Anderson who just played at a higher level than the rest of this season’s incoming class. While NIU had a lackluster season, they could have a bright future building around Anderson and Michael Patton in the backcourt. Anderson finished the regular season average 11.8 ppg, 5.2 rpg, and 2.8 apg, if he can cut down on his turnovers, Anderson could be a major player in this league.

MAC Player of the Year
In the running…

  • Al Fisher - KSU
  • Haminn Quaintance - KSU
  • Joe Reitz - WMU
  • Leon Williams - OU

It’s a close race, and really there are other guys who could be considered here (Pollitz, Kool, Wood…) but I’ve gotta give the nod to Leon Williams. Ohio stumbled down the stretch slightly this year, but Williams put up major numbers for the entire year. 15.8 ppg and 9.7 rpg with 14 double-doubles. Often the POTY vote goes to a player from the Regular Season Champs. With neither Fisher or Quaintance emerging as the alpha dog on KSU this year, they’ll probably split some votes and allow for Williams, who Ohio would have been lost this season without, to bring home the hardware.

Dan Whitmyer is the head basketball writer at VanDelay Sports. He can be reached at

MAC Conference Play Preview - Kent State

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

This is a continuing feature where VanDelay Sports will post capsules on each team focusing on what we’ve seen so far, and what to expect through the rest of the season.

Kent State Golden Flashes

What We’ve Seen So Far
A tenacious defense, balanced scoring attack, and a start that makes an unprecedented 10th straight 20-win season incredibly likely. Kent’s attack is led by their two athletic front-court players Mike Scott and Haminn Quaintance. Neither Scott nor Quaintance tower over the opposition, at 6-7 and 6-8 respectively, but both are quick enough to give bigger slower players fits trying to guard them. With the addition of combo-guard Al Fisher from JUCO powerhouse Redlands Community College, the Golden Flashes have three guys who can take over any given game.

What to Watch
The story with Kent is their depth. They go 10-deep with 9 players averaging 15 minutes a game. This allows them to keep up the pressure on the defensive end, their strength, while being able to consistently rotate in fresh legs. Going this deep hasn’t been a problem on the offensive end either with everyone in Kent’s top 9 averaging 5+ points per game. Jim Christian has to love how everyone can be a threat on offense.

To beat the Flashes teams must rely on excellent ball movement to counter their high-intensity, trapping style defense. If there is one chink in Kent’s armor it could be their perimeter game. Mike McKee is a real threat from the outside. After McKee the options get a little dodgier. Rashard Woods and Scott have been effective from 3 so far this season, but both are considered post-players and it’s hard to tell if their hot outside shooting will keep up.

Kent’s the class of the MAC this year. With as much defense as they play, the post prowess of Quaintance and Scott, the spread attack that they feature on offense, and possibly the best coach in the conference manning their sideline, they’re going to be really tough to beat. I’ve got the Golden Flashes pegged as the team to beat in the MAC this year.

Dan Whitmyer is the head basketball writer at VanDelay Sports. He can be reached at