MAC Tournament 2009 - Kent State vs Buffalo

Kent State & Buffalor players prepare for tip-off in their MAC Tournament Quarterfinal match.

Kent State & Buffalo players prepare for tip-off in their MAC Tournament Quarterfinal match.

Final - Buffalo wins 65-62. In this blogger’s opinion that was some poor play calling down the stretch by Geno Ford down the stretch, I don’t know how you don’t involve Mincy more in those last possessions.

0:05.7 - Terrible inbounds play by Geno Ford there. For some strange reason they had Mincy triggering it in, and when nobody was open he passed it into a corner and the Buffalo defender spiked it off the Kent player as he fell out of bounds.

0:07.5 - Fisher brings the ball up. Why not Mincy???? Kent is very disjointed on offense and Geno calls a timeout. Look for a Mincy drive, kickout to Fisher for a 3 to put it into OT here.

0:22 - Kent tries for a couple of steals then fouls… Good call to extend the game with the way UB has been from the stripe… and Gamble clanks the first one off the rim… laces the 2nd 3 point game.

0:40 - Mincy dishes to Simpson who can’t finish, but who gets the rebound? Mincy! He gets fouled and is going to the line.

0:50 - For some reason Kent immediately fouls Andy Robinson, though he (of course) splits the pair. Kent down 4 with the ball.

0:51 - Mincy again, this time driving and kicking to Simpson who lays it in. Kent ALMOST steals it and UB calls a panic TO.

1:13 - Finally they beat the traps, find a wide open Boudreau and he gets fouled on the way up and hits both.

1:22 - Kent State more defensive pressure almost steal twice, knock it out, UB can’t get into their offense.

1:28 - 61-58 UB. Kent State puts a trap on just over midcourt and the Bulls are forced to call a TO. They’ll have 22 to shoot.

1:55 - Mincy spinning, driving, layup… Then he fouls Gamble coming up the court. UB 14-24 at the line, but Gamble hits both. Still ugly. Mincy makes a fast, pretty drive again. It’s 61-58 with 1:41 left.

2:08 - After a TO, Mincy gets bumped taking a runner, no call, but it’s still KSU ball. Fisher gets a clear shot at the hoop after a pretty move, but misses the runner badly. Boudreau hits a turnaround at the other end. Pretty! and UB is up 59-54.

3:21 - Betts splits them but the board is backtapped and UB controls it up 3.

3:22 - KSU with a turnover. UB gets to the hoop but can’t convert. Fisher gets to the hoop but he can’t convert. Touch foul called on the rebound, now Sullinger’s done too and UB should be shooting up 2 already.

3:57 - Told you… 1 of 2, 56-54 UB.

3:58 - 55-54 UB. It looks like Fisher just got his fourth foul and Buffalo will be going to the line (where they’re sure to split the pair) when we come back.

4:37 - 54-53 UB a back and forth game and Singletary just fouled out. UB should be going to the line for 2 when this one resumes.

7:02 - 51-50 Kent thanks largely to Fisher who I openly ripped in the first half. He’s definitely heating up and just bailed Kent out with an NBA distance 3 with the shot clock winding down.

8:51 - Kent up 48-45. Sullinger and Singletary both with 4 fouls, could be trouble for Kent.

10:33 - UB is 6-12 at the line. That’s a problem. 46-43 Kent leads.

11:40 - Al Fisher sighting, he gets to the hoop, gets fouled and hits the bucket. Kent by 1, FT coming after the TO. Name that Tune again, and this time they’re using canned music. It’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music” by Rihanna and the only words that are played in the 30 second clip are “Please don’t stop the music.” Seriously if people don’t guess these songs right based on what they’ve heard in the first two they should be showered with choruses of boos. Also how do they pick people for these? So far 4 contests and 1 fan has had a Michigan State shirt and another a UConn shirt. Way to pick the MAC fans outta the crowd…

11:44 - Buffalo hits a tough turnaround jumper to go up 1 and make me eat my words.

13:31 - 42-39 Kent as Betts misses two freebies. This is not looking good for the Bulls, it’s just 3 points, but it seems like a lot more right now.

15:17 - Still 37-36. I gotta say the Kent State dance team’s blue weird vinyl like dresses are a huge improvement over the weird pant-suit like things from past years.

15:50 - 37-36 Kent. The Flashes are clearly in control of this one as Buffalo is having a lot of trouble finding ways to score. Kent’s bench has scored 19 points. That’s a big difference.

18:51 - 34-30 UB. The Kent fans behind me want me to report on the one-sided officiating in this. The fouls were 9-8 at the half, so obviously I disagree. Should I offer them a towel?

20:00 Second Half - This just in, the MAC has revoked Al Fisher’s 2008 POTY award. Ok, obviously I made this up.

Halftime - 31-30 UB. Buffalo has to be a little disappointed that they were up 10 with 4 minutes left and let Kent all the way back into this one. Al Fisher is 0-4 and had a nice seat on the bench during Kent’s run to close the half. Kent State got back in it because they made an effort to start getting good shots and you can see that in the stats with a 12-6 KSU lead in points in the paint. UB ran out to a sizable lead on open jumpers, but cooled off as the half wore on. They need to find a way to consistently score if they’re going to stay in this.

0:21 - 31-30 Buffalo, Kent on an 11-2 run. The refs totally miss a Kent player being thrown to the floor on the rebound and Buffalo calls a timeout to collect themselves for the final shot.

1:01 - UB up 2, things not going well for them as Kent commits a blocking foul 35 feet from the hoop but Buffalo misses the front end of the 1-1 and send Brandon Parks to the line with a foul on the rebound.

2:56 - 31-26 Buffalo. Kent has finally started getting some good looks and they’ve gone on a little run here. Kent is 2-8 from 3, UB is 5-6. That’s because the 3’s that Buffalo has taken have been on good ball movement. Most of Kent’s have been bad shots being jacked up.

4:39 - Lots of fouls, traveling and slop play. 29-19 UB lead.

7:24 - 22-15 UB. It’s time for trivia, and they’re smartly doing it with a Buffalo fan… What is?…

8:41 - Kent is getting frustrated with the UB defensive pressure–they’re picking up about 30 feet out– and launching bad jumpers. Not a good attack plan, Geno needs a timeout but he’s not taking one.

9:51 - Buffalo still up 22-13. They’re shooting 64% to Kent’s 33%, that’s the difference. Though the Kent fans sitting 2 feet behind me are yelling in my ear at an 100% annoyance, so they’ve got that going for them… which is nice.

11:15 - 22-13 Buffalo leads. The Bulls are making Kent State pay when they gamble for steals and leave anyone an open shot. Will be interesting to see if Buffalo can keep shooting at this high of a clip.

13:56 - Buffalo up 17-8. This is just so much of a faster paced game than the last one, it’s like watching a different sport almost.

15:57 - This game is off to a much faster start with Buffalo up 12-5 already. My gentleman’s bet with J. Scott Fitzwater of MAC Report Online that some team will score higher than 66 1/2 today is already looking good.

Pregame - Pretty strong Kent State contingent here. They’re right behind me and they’re loud (and slightly annoying). These bands are pathetic vs. Ball State from last game, I’m already disappointed.

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