2009 MAC Tournament - Ohio vs Bowling Green

Tillman and Polk prepare for the opening tip as #1 Bowling Green takes on #9 Ohio.

Final - 74-61 final.

3:18 - 62-45 BG. I’m done until the end of this.

5:08 - 59-45 BG leads. Like I said earlier Ohio is cooked. BG’s going to be a tough out in this tournament. Not only does Nate Miller look like he’s out to prove a point about POTY, but they’re getting production spread around across the rest of their roster. They’ll be a tough out in this tournament.

7:49 - 52-41 BG lead. Everytime OU shows some signs of life it’s half-hearted… Like Jerome Tillman gets an and-one opportunity but bricks the FT. Nate Miller still putting on a show with 22 points. BG shooting 57% vs OU’s 37%… there’s your difference.

11:07 - Name that tune… Surfin’ Bird by the Trashmen!!! Where’s Peter Griffin when you need him!?!?! (48-35 BG)

11:30 - Just as OU starts to show signs of life they lose Scott Thomas and he converts a 3 point play when Tommy Freeman tries to recover to him too late. 48-35 BG.

13:23 - 45-32 BG. OU still missing tons of makeable shots.

15:47 - Still 45-30. OU looks cooked.

16:39 - 45-30 Marschall with two E-A-S-Y looks from about a foot away. Gross calls a quick TO. This one is slipping away.

17:26 - 41-30 BG. It’s still the Nate Miller show, he has 20 points so far.

Halftime - Dobbs gets a beautiful floater that goes halfway down before popping back out and BG gets back down court with 10 seconds left and laces an NBA three to go up 35-27 at the half. That really took the air out of the Bobcats who had just cut it to 5. If Ohio wants to compete in this they’ve gotta hit some shots in the second half, they’re shooting percentage so far has been horid.

1:33 - Pretty finishes by Washington and Coleman OU down 32-24.

3:53 - OU shooting 6-21, BG shooting 11-19. There’s your 10 point difference.

3:53 - Wait, it’s the 110, I hear them! Oh… it’s canned music. That’s right, they’re playing canned OU Pep Band music (Stand Up and Cheer). What a joke.

4:04 - BG goes up 28-18 and OU takes a timeout. Bowling Green looks like the better team right now. They’re getting to the hoop, getting open shots and forcing the Bobcats into bad decisions and contested shots.

7:45 - BG up 14-10. The only scoring since the last update was a 3-pointer by, you guessed it, Nate Miller. He has 12 of BG’s 14. OU really has to put that guy in shackles, no reason for him to be getting this many open looks. Also, I pointed out earlier today that Nate Miller’s POTY snub could be trouble for OU. So far it looks like he came out with something to prove. OU is just 3-15 shooting… that’s not gonna do it.

11:37 - BG up 11-10. OU still having trouble converting inside 5 feet, and Nate Miller is absolutely killing the Bobcats with most of BG’s points. OU has to stop Miller if they hope to stay with the Falcons this time out (BG won both games against Ohio so far this season.)

15:41 - 6-4 BG lead. Ohio having trouble converting from inside 3 feet early.

Pregame - Bowling Green’s band is gonna need a long set list for this one. As discussed earlier the Ohio band didn’t make the trip. We’re about a minute away from tip off.

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